Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where can I get nutrition?

Everything You Need To Know About  Nutritional Blue-Greentm Algae* *From  ALGAE TO THE RESCUE News! "Minerals should come from food whenever possible - as they once did! The wide variety of bulk and rare trace minerals in Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) fits this criterion.  These minerals are easy to assimilate precisely because they are bonded to or chelated with the same amino acids to which they were originally assigned." "Each of the minerals briefly described below is important individual.  All of them are in AFA algae (SBGA).  Together, they form a VITAL SUPER-SYNERGISTIC TEAM."

ALANINE:  Activates muscles, boosts the immune system

ARGININE:  Builds new muscles, detoxifies the liver, boosts the immune system

ASPARAGINE:  Gives energy to the brain, builds the immune system

ASPARTIC ACID:  Helps make healthy DNA, builds t! he immune system

BETACAROTENE:  Improves vision, protects the cornea, helps digestion, defends against free radical attack, boosts the immune system

BIOFLAVINOIDS:  Removes toxins from skin cells, builds the immune system

BIOTIN:  Produces healthy-looking hair

BORON:  Strengthens bones, enhances mental clarity, unclogs arteries

CALCIUM:  Strengthens bones, calms nerves, lowers cholesterol

CHLOROPHYLL:  Promotes bowel regularity, cleanses interstitial tissues

CHROMIUM:  Moderates existent diabetes, prevents adult-onset diabetes

COBALT:  Repairs nerve cells, helps produce red blood cells

COPPER:  Eases arthritis, helps produce red blood cells

CYSTEINE:  Detoxifies carcinogens

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS:  Reduces cardiovascular disease

ELECTROLYTES:  Helps kidneys regain optimum function

FIBER:  Eliminates toxic wastes

FLUORINE:  Fights tooth decay, hardens! bone

FOLIC ACID:  Improves mental function, prevents anemia

GERMANIUM:  Helps control Epstein-Barr virus

GAMMA-LINOLENIC ACID (GLA):  Lowers cholesterol

GLUTAMIC ACID:  Reduces alcohol/sugar cravings

GLUTAMINE:  Improves concentration

GLUTATHIONE:  Defends against free radical attack

GLYCINE:  Calms nervous system

GLYCOGEN:  Increases physical stamina

HISTIDINE:  Enhances nutrient absorption, removes toxic metals

IODINE:  Regulates body weight

IRON:  Combats fatigue, lessens depression, decreases anemia

ISOLEUCINE:  Builds muscle, helps repair the liver

LECITHIN:  Dissolves cholesterol deposits, improves short-term memory

LEUCINE:  Reduces hypoglycemic symptoms

LINOLEIC ACID:  Combats viral infections

LYSINE:  Helps prevent osteoporosis

MAGNESIUM:  Promotes tranquillity,  moderates mood swings, reduces migraine headaches

MANGANESE:  Assists joint mobility

METHIONINE:  ! Enhances memory, elevates mood, removes heavy metals

MOYBDENUM:  Increases longevity

NIACIN (VITAMIN B3):  Reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, helps to reverse atherosclerosis

NICKEL:  Promotes cellular growth and reproduction

NUCLEIC ACIDS:  Improves memory

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS:  Increases cell membrane flexibility, dissolves cholesterol deposits, reduces cardiovascular diseases

OMEGA-6 FATTY ACIDS:  Reduces arthritis symptoms, improves skin tone, reduces cardiovascular diseases

PANTOTHENIC ACID (VITAMIN B5):  Reduces morning arthritis pain, reduces alcohol toxicity, defends against free radical attack

PHENYLALANINE:  Increases mental alertness, reduces sugar cravings

PHOSPHOROUS:  Keeps teeth healthy, helps repair bone fractures

POTASSIUM:  Reduces hypertension, helps prevent high blood pressure

PROLINE:  Raises learning ability, helps repair torn cartilage

PYRIDOXINE! (VITAMIN B6):  Boosts the immune system, relieves premenstrual tension

RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2):  Defends against free radical attack, provides physical energy, alleviates eye fatigue

RNA:  Enhances "mind-brain" function

SELENIUM:  Boosts the immune system, relieves anxiety

SERINE:  Beautifies skin

SILICON:  Tightens the skin

SODIUM:  Prevents sunstroke

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD):  Defends against free radical attack

SUBSTANCE P:  Sharpens the mind

THIAMINE (VITAMIN B1):  Reduces fatigue, improves mental attitude, relieves tension

THREONINE:  Boosts the immune system, ameliorates skin tone

TYROSINE:  Acts as an antidepressant, promotes mental alertness, strengthens memory

VALINE:  Builds muscle tissue

VANADIUM:  Balances blood sugar

VITAMIN B12:  Energizes the body, improves memory, repairs the nervous system

VITAMIN C:  Reduces duration of common cold,  reduces cancer risk, deters gum! bleeding

VITAMIN E:  Boosts the immune system, keeps nerve tissue healthy

ZINC:  Retains memory, lessens acne outbreaks, boosts the immune system, reduces symptoms of common cold, helps avoid prostate problems

WRITTEN BY � Karl J. Abrams, professor of Chemistry at Saddleback College in Orange County, California.  Professor Abrams is a leading authority on nutritional blue-green algae.