Saturday, May 20, 2006

Skin Type Solution tested

I bought the book 2 weeks ago. Filled the questionnaire, I'm a DNRW (Dry Non-pigmented Resistant Wrinkled, but only very slightly on the wrinkled side). I have good skin if I may say so myself (partly genetic, you should see my mother, 75 and no lines other than expression ones). Reading "my" chapter, I saw I have been doing all my life what she recommends for my skin : Hydrating a lot, avoiding sun (I burn and don't tan, so I have been very vigilant since I was a child, through necessity, and white skin is my trademark - I won't use a fake tan), not smoking, eating a varied diet. Now that I'm in my forties, she advises stronger measures. I didn't want to throw away my beauty product stash, so I'm incorporating what she advises slowly. First change: I have added an antioxydant serum to my AM and PM routines (just after cleaning my face), and a water spray before hydrating. Most of the brands she mentions in the book are either not to be found here or ! way too expensive, so I did my research and bought Roc Retin-Ox+ serum ("soft" version to begin with, since I didn't know how I would react to Retinol). Well, I have to say, Wow! It really works. I can see it on my one neck wrinkle. It first appeared when I was 26 and not putting any cream on my neck. I starting putting face cream on my neck too and it disappeared for the next 15 years. It reappeared some 5 years ago, when I was 41. Well, now it's disappeared again!!! I can still see it if I look for it, but that's because I know exactly where it is, I doubt anyone else can see it. I'm definitely keeping these additions. And I'll be buying the "strong" version of the serum next, since I seem to have no problems with Retinol. And since her advice seems to be working, I'll be incorporating more of it in my routines, i.e., buying what she advises (well, not the actual brands, but the t! ype of products), after using what I already have.

Nathalie in Sw itzerland