Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is selective felling possible in BC's coastal forests?

(This question is posted from the UK).

Greenpeace in Canada and other environmntal groups are calling for a policy of selective logging only (no clearcuts) in the temperate conniferous rainforests on the BC coast. Envirometal groups in Europe that are working in support of Canadian forest protection are taking a lead from Greenpeace and thus proposing selective felling. The European environmental NGO and consumer concern for Canadian foretry is valid, as Europe is a major importer of BC paper and pulp and a minor importer, but of the highest grades only, of sawn timber from BC.

I would like folks opinions on the practical technical possibility of this type of felling, given:

1. the size of the trees, typically 2 foot/60cm to 5 foot/150 cm dbh.

2. Slopes wich are commonly up to 30 degrres (or sometimes more).

If people think it is not technically possible, then:

3. What is the smallest clearcut that can be worked?

4. And what are the fin! ancial implications of selection and/or smallest clearcut possible?

Personally, I would like to see selective felling in these forests, but having seen these forests (fantastic!), my own semi-layman's oppinion is that it would be very difficult. Theo Hopkins Lower Champles Wood Devon England.