Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NEWS: Online Article on Kinerase Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Thought you might be interested in a new weapon used in the war on wrinkles. This article is based on a segment that was originally seen on my local news channel, NBC 4 in NYC. I saw the segment and let me tell ya ladies, this cream might actually work!! When I saw Hope Fox (the lady in the article) I thought she was in her late 20s, so I said to myself "Why is this chick worrying about wrinkles??? Hello? Get a grip, sister!!". Then when they said she was 37, I couldn't believe it!! She did not look 37 at all!

Cream promises to fight aging  

New York, March 1 � What if there was a lotion or cream that could help improve the quality of skin, reduce fine lines and maybe even make people look younger? There actually might be.

         ACCORDING TO DR. Bruce Katz, �It�s one of these new agents called cosmecuticals. What this cosmecutic! al actually does is slow down the aging of cells.�     The new lotion, called Kinerase, is made with furfuryladenine � a natural plant growth factor that has been scientifically proven to slow the aging process of cells in laboratory test tubes. Dr. Katz, a Manhattan-based dermatologist, has been trying the new product on some of his patients for the last 8 months.     �The clinical trials that have been done so far have shown that Kinerase reduces sun spots, takes away fine lines, smoothes out skin, adds moisture to the skin as well,� said Dr. Katz.     Skin patient Hope Fox has been using the lotion for more than 6 months.     �From the first day I used it, it just worked great. It was easily absorbed. I found it non-irritating and in a short time I felt that my appearance did start to look better,� said Fox.     According to studies done on Kinerase, the product does not cause drying or redness, which are c! ommon side effects of other anti-wrinkle products.     �It has these anti-aging benefits without the irritating effects with Retin-A, for example. It doesn�t make you sensitive to the sun, so people can use this product in the summer time,� said Dr. Katz.     Fox, 37, is pleased with what it�s done for her skin.     �I would recommend that women my age and possibly older, younger try it. It�s been successful for me and I plan to continue to use it,� said Fox.     The Kinerase cream or lotion is available through some dermatologists and at pharmacies. It doesn�t require a prescription but some drugstores keep it behind the pharmaceutical counter.     Depending on the size of the tube and the pharmacy, Kinerase can run from $60 to $120, which is enough to last for a couple of months. Eternal youth doesn�t come cheap.

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