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Legal High Of The Month - February '92

                Legal High Of The Month - for February 1992                 -------------------------------------------

This month's legal high is not a single substance, but a subject... SMART DRUGS.  If you regularly read MONDO 2000 or alt.cyberpunk, just skip this posting because you already know it all... otherwise, read on!

Many of you might have heard of Smart Drugs, via NPR, or the Nightly News (and also Nightline).  Smart Drugs are a *new* breed of drugs termed *nootropic*.  Nootropic comes from the Greek word meaning "acting on the mind".  Nootropic drugs have in common.... (1) They all work on the brain and/or blood/brain barrier and (2) They all have *fairly* low toxicity levels.

Smart Drugs can do things like:

     1)  Improve mental functioning and even increase IQ (lots of arguments       &n! bsp;  on the IQ increasing - but research is proving it true)      2)  Increase lifespan (30% or higher)      3)  Decrease some of the *bad* degenerative effects of aging      4)  Increase mental clarity      5)  Done in combination with *illegal drugs*, Smart Drugs can undo          some of the less-desirable effects (eg., foggyness, dizzyness,          tiredness etc..).

On Toxicity:

Many of the nootropic drugs are SO nontoxic that the PDR lists them as having no known overdose levels, and no known symptoms or contradictions. THIS IS NOT TO SAY that ALL smart drugs are safe.  Certainly not... and you should be fairly knowledgable about them before you do them - especially in combination!  A couple of the nootropic drugs do have contradictions so PLEASE be careful in experimentation.  (Note, certain combinat! ions of nootropic drugs, done together, will have unpleasant, if not dangerous effects - PLEASE BE CAREFUL - never experiment with them together, until you have experimented with them each, individually, over a period of time. Make SURE you read the PDR on each of them, because some of them do have contradictions, especially if you have other conditions (eg., angina, etc..)).

What Do They Do?

Here is a partial (very partial) list of some smart drugs.  ALL these drugs are available, in the US, by prescription.  ALL of these drugs are available, outside of the US, without prescription AND MAY LEGALLY BE BROUGHT INTO THE US by you (more on this at the end of the article).

The following table lists SOME of the drugs, their use as smart drugs, the NORMAL dose, and their use in the US, as indicated by the FDA.  Blank items are because I don't have all my reference material at my side.  Note that most of this information came via Mondo 200! 0, and other books.

Drug Name            Trade Name   Dose        Remarks ---------            ----------   ----        ------- Centrophenoxine      Lucidril     1000 to     Intelligence Booster and                                   3000 mg/day Antiaging.  Improvements in                                               memory function and 30% increase                                               in lifespan of mice. Removes                         &n! bsp;                   &n bsp; Lipofuscin deposits in the brain.                                               * This drug has contradictions * Choline                           3 g/day     Helps the brain make acetylcholine (also Lecithin)                               DO NOT DO if manic depressive Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA       50 to       Anti-tumor, Anti-aging, Anti-                                   2000 mg/day obesity.  Protects brain neurons                                               from se! nility degenerative                                               conditions.  Naturally present                                               in the body, but decreases with                                               age. Ergoloid Mesylates   Hydergine    3 to 9      Increases blood supply to brain.                                   mg/day      Increases oxygen to brain                                    !           Protects brain from oxygen starv-                                               ation.  Reduces tiredness and                                               dizziness.  Normalizes systolic                                               pressure.  Increases intelligence. Gingko                            20 mg       Blood vessel dilators. Piracetam            Nootropyl    2400 to     Cognitive enhancer and memory                               &nb! sp;   8000 mg/day improver. Sulbutiamine         Arcalion     400 mg/day  Facilitate wakefulness and                                               improve long term memory. Increase                                               resistance to stress. Vasopressin          Diapid       A blast up  Helps you learn new memories.                                   each nose   Improves attention, concentration                                               and recall! .  Made by SANDOZ!             &nb sp;                                 Helps undo the foggyness of                                               alcohol and marijuna, and can undo                                               the 'slowness' of coke, lsd etc.. Vincamine            Oxicebral    low dose    Alertness / activity. Vinpocetine          Cavinton     5 mg/day    Memory enhancer.

How To Get Them:

Most of these drugs are available in the US, by prescription.  They are usually approved by the FDA for uses NOT IN THE LIST ABOVE (for example, Vasopressin is used in the US for bladder contr! ol, but it has NOT been approved in the US for its memory functions, which require it to go through the multi-year cycle (and millions of dollars) for approval for that use).

HOWEVER, due to the AIDS situation, the FDA has loosened the laws governing what you can bring in from other countries.  It is now LEGAL to purchase a PERSONAL SUPPLY (not to exceed 3 months) of these (and other) drugs from firms in Europe, as long as they are regarded as safe in other countries.

You can purchase these drugs from several companies, whose addresses are listed below:

     INHOME HEALTH SERVICES                INTERLAB      P.O. Box 3112                         BCM Box 5890      CH-2800 Delemont Switzerland          London, WC1N 3XX England

Write them for their price lists.

I personally ha! ve ordered several times from Interlab (vasopressin) and have been VE RY impressed with their speed (spend the extra $10 for fast shipment - it's worth it) and the quality of their service.  The bottles of Vasopressin came sealed, from Sandoz Laboratories, and worked as advertised (it even did the bladder control trick).  To see what I was getting ripped off for, I called the local drug store to inquire as to the U.S. price for a bottle of Vasopressin, and my price from Interlab was $10 CHEAPER than what I could get it from at the local store (assuming I had a prescription).  PLEASE NOTE that these companies want you to sign a statement saying that your doctor is working with you on this.

Also, look into a book by John Morgenthaler and Ward Dean, entitled Smart Drugs & Nutrients (Walden Books, B. Dalton etc...).  And OF COURSE, read alt.cyberpunk as well as MONDO 2000 for the latest and greatest in smart drug research and information. --     ____________________________________________________! ________________ ___/                                                                    \___ \ |  Free Palestine!!  |  JUST SAY NO to BUSH in 1992!__/  \_nstar!npal!dcook  |  Remember:  Napalm is just 1/2 soap + 1/2 gasoline_/   \______________________________________________________________________/    \___Disclaimer:  My views are IDENTICAL to the views of my company___/     \__________________________________________________________________/